Further reading and resources

These are the national guidelines used by organisations to plan pathways for assessment and support for individuals on the autistic spectrum:

Fulfilling and rewarding lives - UK Government strategy
Guidelines for adults: diagnosis and management - National Institute for Health and Care Excellence

There are many books and online resources providing information about autism, although not yet many that are specifically about and for girls and women. Adults and young people will be able to choose which resources best fit their needs, and parents and carers will work out which are most suitable for their child. Reading together is not only a great family activity but also helps everyone to share experiences, hopes and concerns and increase their understanding.

The book and online resources listed below are a great starting point but for a more expansive list of publications relating to girls and women with autism please see here.

International not-for-profit groups across the world offering help and support for people affected by ASD

United Kingdom: The National Autistic Society

Scotland: Scottish Autism

Ireland: Irish Autism Action

USA: Autism Society

Canada: Autism Canada

Australia: Australian Advisory Board on Autism Spectrum Disorders

New Zealand: Children's Autism Foundation

Websites and Blogs

Autism in Pink
An EU-funded partnership between four European organisations, which has been set up to carry out research into autism in women.
Breaking the Silence online book available.

Autism Education Trust
Working to improve the education of children and young people with autism. Provides examples of good practice, practical toolkits and resources for families and professionals.

National Autistic Society
Providing information, support and services.

The Curly Hair Project
The curly hair project.

Dinah the Aspie Dinosaur
A web comic about Dinah the Aspie dinosaur.

Incentive Plus
Innovative social, emotional, behavioural, mental health and wellbeing resources.

For children and young people

My Sister is Different
Author & illustrator: Sarah Tamsin-Hunter (2006)
Published by The National Autistic Society

My Family is Different: A Workbook for Children with a Brother or Sister on the Autistic Spectrum
Author: Carolyn Brock (2007)
Published by The National Autistic Society

The ASD Workbook: Understanding Your Autistic Spectrum Disorder
Author: Penny Kershaw (2011)
Published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers

I am an Aspie Girl: A book for young girls with autistic spectrum conditions
Author: Danuta Bulhak-Paterson
Illustrator: Teresa Ferguson (2015)
Published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers

For parents and carers

The Autistic Spectrum: A Parent’s Guide
Author: The National Autistic Society
Published by The National Autistic Society

Parenting Girls on the Autistic Spectrum: Overcoming the Challenges and Celebrating the Gifts
Author: Eileen Riley-Hall (2012)
Published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers

Autism: Supporting Your Teenager
Author: Caroline Hattersley (2014)
Published by The National Autistic Society

Girls and Autism: Flying under the Radar
A Quick Guide to Supporting Girls on the Autistic Spectrum
Author: Nasen (2016)
Published online by Nasen

For adults

The Way I See It: A Personal Look at Autism and Asperger’s
Author: Temple Grandin (2015)
Published by Future Horizons, Inc.

Women and Girls with Autism Spectrum Disorder: Understanding Life Experiences from Early Childhood to Old Age
Author: Sarah Hendricks (2015)
Published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers

Asperger’s and Girls: World-Renowned Experts Join Those with Asperger’s Syndrome to Resolve Issues that Girls and Women Face Every Day
Editors: Tony Attwood & Temple Grandin (2006)
Published by EDS Publications Ltd.

I am an Aspie Woman: The Unique Characteristics, Traits and Gifts of Adult Females on the Autistic Spectrum
Author: Tania Marshall (2015)
Published by Aspiengirl

Thinking in Pictures
Author: Temple Grandin (2006)
Published by Random House

Aspergirls: Empowering Females with Asperger Syndrome
Author: Rudy Simone (2010)
Published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers

For professionals

Network Autism: Diagnosing Women and Girls with Autism
Online forum for discussion amongst professionals

The Autistic Spectrum: A Guide for Parents and Professionals
Author: Lorna Wing (2003)
Published by Robinson

Mental Health and Autism: A Guide for Child and Adolescent Mental Health Practitioners
Author: Patrick Sims (2011)
Published by The National Autistic Society

Educating and Supporting Girls with Asperger’s and Autism: A Resource for Education and Health Professionals
Author: Victoria Honeybourne (2016)
Published by Speechmark Publishing Ltd.

Supporting People Living with Autism Spectrum Disorder and Mental Health Problems: A guide for practitioners and providers
Published online by Mind (2015)

What are the diagnostic differences for women and girls? 
Author: Dr Judith Gould (2017)
Published online by the NAS Lorna Wing Centre for Autism


Being Me (DVD and CD-ROM)
Author: NAS (2008)

A Different Life: Rosie’s Story (DVD)
Author: Eye Television (2006)

Also of interest

The Reason I Jump: One Boy’s Voice from the Silence of Autism
Author: Naoki Higashida
Translators: David Mitchell & Keiko Yoshida (2014)
Published by Sceptre

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time
Author: Mark Haddon (2003)
Published by David Fickling Books

On the Edge of Gone
Author: Corinne Duyvis (2016)
Published by Amulet Books