I’m 40! Arghh!!

I made it! I turned 40 last week. It has been over the years a bit touch and go, but there I was surrounded by cards, presents and balloons. The day itself was pretty much my usual one, then in the evening people started ringing and my parents came over to the flat. My big present is a new set of golf clubs, which are on order as I write. The actual choosing of the clubs was quite difficult but I think I chose the right ones. I have been worrying all week – did I order the right grip? Will they make it the right size? Will these clubs improve my game? Anyway they should be ready soon, I can’t wait!!

I went out for a birthday meal with my family at the bank holiday. I just had steak and chips but the rest of the family went seafood mad. Even my 10 year old niece tucked into a bowl of mussels. I was very nervous so I didn’t eat much and the sauce didn’t taste very nice. Fortunately it came in a separate jug so I just didn’t eat it. But the steak was really nice sauce or no sauce. And I’m so glad I had a celebration with my family, even though it was very daunting.

Then with my niece trotting along, we went to a garden with the National Garden Scheme during the Garden and Health Campaign. Every year garden owners open their gardens to the public. This year the campaign was about getting active in your garden and we went along to a garden in our area earmarked by the National Autistic Society. Thus we found ourselves at Wild Rose Cottage in Lode, Cambridgeshire. There were actually few roses but there obviously had been some pretty vigorous planting because it was just packed with plants, sadly few flowers. The garden was divided up into “rooms”, my favourites were the veg patch (a huge pumpkin almost ready to be picked) and a brilliant pond which looked packed with wildlife. There was also a lovely summer house where you can imagine sitting with a glass of wine and a good book.

I do love a good garden. As I have gotten older I enjoy a good nose round a garden be they National Trust or National Garden Scheme or just open to the public. I’m particularly keen on Rose Gardens and cottage gardens. I like flowers that attract wildlife and I like my planting a bit haphazard although I’m sure most of these gardens are well planned. As for roses – I do love a Rose!! The other day I went to a National Trust property called Anglesey Abbey. I go there a lot but don’t necessarily stop at the more formal gardens. Anyway we decided to take a look at the rose garden, which was lovely. I love the smell and the gentle beauty of the flowers. These days I don’t groan at yet another garden. I have learned to appreciate how great they are, even though because of my OCD I’m unable to get my own hands dirty.

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