Easter Frolics!

Oh! Sweet Easter. Lambs in the field, the end of the daffodils, the smell of lunch cooking on Easter Sunday, and of course being with family. I’m not sure whether I’ve mentioned this but I have a nine year old niece. The week before Easter my parents had her for the entire week doing fun things. Now I do find children very difficult in lots of ways. They are unpredictable, unmanageable and germ magnets. I must confess I tend to avoid them as much as possible from birth through to adolescence. So having a niece is very challenging although I do love her loads. In fact when she was born I was going through a very hard time and she gave me a reason to cling on. The problem is basically I can’t relate to people my own age let alone a child. I have little understanding or capacity to play so that’s out. I can do board games which as a family we do all enjoy. But because I find children difficult I’ve told everyone please don’t leave me alone with her although sometimes this does accidently happen and this scares me. Mum did an Easter egg hunt round the house and we also took my niece to a hunt at a local National Trust property. Last year the hunt was a doddle, this year it took me, grandma, grandad and my sister-in-law a good time to work out the clues. The actual word to spell out was Narcissus so we had to explain about the myth to my niece. In many ways it was a very middle-class hunt, I think you needed a degree to solve it. On the plus side I got some nice Easter eggs which I will be enjoying over the next week.

Of course now is the bank holiday season which messes up routine big time. It is Monday! Why am I at my parents? Oh yes bank holiday. It throws the whole week out and now I’m starting to think about my holiday which is a major cause of stress. I do like the idea of holidays and my parents always take me to nice places. We hire a cottage and do sightseeing of local places of interest and we have a few meals out, one being fish and chips. But I do get stressed. In some ways I’m lucky cos we all take a lot to do – dad a bit of light work on his laptop with a good wi-fi connection, mum reads loads of books and I listen to music. It is an adult holiday with autism thrown in.

Anyway enjoy your long weekends and try and fit in as much washing you can get in on Tuesday having missed, well for me, bedding washing day on Monday – oh the confusion, oh the anarchy! Still there seems to be a lot to look forward to as summer approaches. So “keep calm and rock on”.

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