About female autism

For an overview of autism the National Autisic Society (NAS) website provides a helpful starting point. It covers a range of issues: what is autism; all about diagnosis; benefits and care; behaviour; communication; your health; family life; transition; education;  adult life.


Below are a few useful  starting points for understanding female autism:
Additional materials can be found in our further reading and resources page.


Our Female Autism section is, inevitably, work in progress since it reflects the lack of research and literature about the subject. We would be grateful for your suggestions and contributions to make this area of the website a truly useful resource. You can get in touch with us here.


For those working in education or who would like to know more about the special education needs of girls with autism, below are a few excellent online resources:


Girls on the autistic spectrum
NAHT conference presentations
Shared with thanks to the NAHT and the speakers


SEND code of practice 0-25
Published by the UK government's Department of Education and Department of Health