A brush with celebrity

I survived! My parents went away for 2 weeks and I got through it. I had carers every day, sometimes twice and what with them and pure guts I got through. It was weird though! Drinking gave me the burps (unlike normal) and I completely lost my appetite. I kept having moments when I thought I was going to vomit. Which is normal but this was worse than usual. Ideally I just wanted to stay in bed but my carers took me out on trips including “Build a Bear” and the Botanic gardens. My most nervous moments were the few days before they came back when my anxiety and panic attacks reached new heights. But pretty much the moment I knew they were back I started to feel better. It’s taken a good week to start to feel normal again i.e. my usual anxious self but I did make it and that’s a great feeling. In most ways I’m glad that I let my parents go on holiday. Yes it is a challenge but there is nothing like a recharged and relaxed carer. So now we are back to normal apart from one of my favourite carers has taken the second week of Wimbledon off to watch tennis and I’ve lost my rota so I have no clue about who is coming on Monday.

As a treat for surviving their holiday my parents took me to see historian Lucy Worsley talk about Jane Austen at a history fest at Wimpole Hall near Cambridge. As I may have probably said before I’m a bit of a history fan and combine that with a favourite author, Jane Austen, and you have a match made in heaven. I have actually seen her before talking about George II but this time I queued and got my book signed and my mum took a photo. I did embarrass myself slightly by gushing all about my favourite topics in history. After reeling off my passion for Russian history and Queen Victoria she looked a little surprised when I said my latest read was a history of ancient Egypt. The whole thing was quite nerve wracking, sitting in a hot marquee for an hour with worries of needing the toilet on my mind. But she is a great speaker – funny, easy to understand and not afraid to be popularist. But just to have met her and tell her how much I enjoy her work was a real privilege in fact maybe I should have told her to do something on ancient Egypt next time!!!

I have also been looking at ways to expand my life. There is a project named Red2Green in an outlying village which works with autistic people. My mum already knew the manager and I thought I was going as a celebrity having had a book written about me. Anyway it soon became apparent they wanted me to sign up to something and my mum, who accompanied me, is desperate for me to improve my computer skills. So pretty soon I was enrolling for next term which starts in September. As you can imagine I’m in two minds. Firstly my precious routine, I am very worried that it will interrupt this – when will I play golf, read or listen to music. Secondly, germs, it has taken me four days to settle after the visit. I am scared stiff of germs and being around people means germs. I have got to fight this fear because all the people we met were lovely and I can see myself maybe being part of the community. Everyone I’ve told about it is very enthusiastic, so roll on September and refreshed computer skills!!!!

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  1. Maggie says:

    Well done Rachel! You coped without your parents. To enable them to go on holiday is wonderful. And a refreshed carer is a win win for you both. Lovely to see you smiling! Red2Green is excellent. I know the work they do and I see the results. I’m a huge fan of theirs. Well done.

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